Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tim Holtz Distress Inks Tip!

I don't know if you use Tim Holtz Distress Inks, but I've had them for awhile and I've just used them for normal regular inking purposes. I've just figured out how to use them properly and its uber-awesome. If you use them with the blending tool, you know that you have these removable blending pieces. I used it for the first time this weekend and then realized, oh dear, what do I do with all of these blending pieces. How do you store them without getting them mixed up? I just figured that I would put both the ink and the pad in a ziploc bag, but that wouldn't look too nice and I think that could get bulky and whatnot.

Well, today I was perusing YouTube for distressing techniques, and I found a youtube video by Drew...and he has this amazingly simple tip for storing your distress pads.


The pads are attached to its tool by velcro, so Drew's tip is to attach a little bit of velcro to the bottom of the ink pad and attach the pad to that. So I immediately ran to Michael's (but I'm sure that you can get it from anywhere) and got some velcro. I got some little black square ones and they have a sticker-type back and you just have to apply it to the bottom of you ink pad and attach your blending piece. Two downfalls: the first is that you are left with the reverse piece of velcro that will go to waste and the second is that the ink pads don't stack really evenly now. But I say that the pros outweigh the cons. Yay for a solution!!


  1. Where did you get these? It looks really cool. I'm always making my own cards so these would be awesome.

  2. I've gotten mine from Michaels, but I'm almost positive that you can get them from Joann's as well. Probably Hobby Lobby too, but I don't have one of those. You can also get them online. I've just started playing with these inks and they are really cool. I'll have to post some projects soon.

  3. yes..please post pics..I like seeing your projects. hehe. I like looking at new ideas. :D

  4. I tried doing this (thought I was a genius when I thought of it!). Couldn't find self adhesive velco though so just hot glue gunned my velco strips on. They didn't last long and now they've all fallen off :(

  5. Oh no!!! I found some at Michaels and they stayed stuck, and I thought I was a genius too. But then as I collected more of them, I realized that the ink pads wouldn't stack properly and it was really hindering my storage capabilities. So I had another idea that I started working on last night and I will post when I finish. I got the idea from someone off of youtube. She had all of the foam pieces stuck on a piece of poster board above her desk. (I don't know who it was and I doubt that I could find the video.) But I modified the idea to work with cardstock and I still used the velcro. I inked the color onto the paper and then put a piece of velcro next to it and wrote the name of the ink next to that. Hopefully this will be a better solution for me. Maybe it could work for you. I will post it soon.